TRAVEL MAG - 08/12/10

At home in Brighton’s art hotel

"...Penzance hotel will offer a more relaxed experience. It’s a beautiful place but hopefully the hotel will offer people something a bit different down there.” Penzance is about to go technicolour.'

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Art hotel opens it’s doors

'From softly coloured bohemian rooms to wacky recycled furniture, bespoke textiles to exquisitely detailed illustration, each room is a masterpiece in it own right.'

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University of the Arts: Alumni Bulletin - 18/08/10

Hotel Inspector Visits Chelsea alumni

‘Channel 5’s series The Hotel Inspector visited Artist Residence in Brighton - a guesthouse which has transformed into an art hotel and exhibition space. Founder Justin Salisbury, together with Art Director Charlie Newey (Chelsea, 2006) and Creative Assistant Rebecca Loughton (Chelsea, 2006), have now started a new venture in Penzance - another vibrant and eclectic Art Hotel.’

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Room with a view

'I want to wake up in room four at Penzance’s new art hotel. Jo Peel’s illustrated street-scene would soothe me after a night of grappling with my disturbed subconscious, I just know it.'

'Judging from the photos, the other rooms at Artist Residence look pretty nice, too. Perhaps you would rather open your bleary eyes upon artist Muju’s cartoon coastal blues in room seven, or feast them on Pinky’s pastel sea, sun and sails in room five.'

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These are Hotel Rooms with a Different View

‘It has been billed as the chance to stay in a gallery, with every room a work of art in its own right.

The grade two listed Georgian House Hotel in Penzance’s Chapel Street is being transformed into the latest in a growing trend for super-stylish bed and breakfasts,’

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THE GUARDIAN- 14/03/10

The recession-era B&B comes of age

"The thing is that over the last few years the boutique hotel concept has become so standard that it's very hard to stand out," says Justin Salisbury, the 22-year-old founder of Artist Residence, which opened in Brighton two years ago, to be followed in May this year by an outpost in Penzance. Salisbury himself isn't an artist, but all the staff he employs are.

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